The Wild Animal Sanctuary: Kamal The Tiger

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is located in Keenesburg, CO and situated on 720 acres of rolling grassland.

Since January, 1980, The Wild Animal Sanctuary has responded to more than 1,000 requests from private citizens and government agencies to rescue animals from across the United States and around the world. The animals living in the Sanctuary today were abused, abandoned, illegally kept, or were victims of other terrible situations.

The illicit exotic animal trade is the third largest source of illegal profits in the world today, just after illegal drugs and weapons. In the U.S. alone, there are an estimated 30,000 captive large carnivores living outside the zoo system.

There are 4,000 Tigers living as pets in private homes just in the state of Texas, which is more Tigers than exist in the wild throughout the world.

Countless other large carnivores live in abusive conditions in roadside zoos, circuses, magic acts, traveling shows, and other substandard situations. Untold numbers of animals suffer and die each year due to neglect, abuse or because they are abandoned and left to die, starving and alone.

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November Project Buffalo Has Arrived

Day # 1 of November Project Buffalo. Off to an incredible start. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram

November Project is a free fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months. Now present in 43+ cities across the globe, people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels are encouraged by November Project to get out of their beds and get moving. Members vary from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, marathoners, triathletes, current and former collegiate athletes all the way to complete fitness rookies and recent couch potatoes just looking to kickstart their healthy life choices. The video above was featured in Buffalo Rising

Want to learn more about November Project? Learn about how the movement started with the video below:

Want to learn even more? Visit November Project's Website & watch their documentary "Showing Up." Or check out that one time they took over Fenway Park

Just Show Up. 


Planet Jupiter Above Boulder, Colorado

A crisp, clear, moonlit night in Boulder, Colorado. The brightest light in the sky at the end of the clip is the planet Jupiter. On average, Jupiter is the fourth brightest object in the night sky behind the Sun, Moon and Venus (occasionally Mars will appear brighter).

The Romans named the planet after their god Jupiter. The observation of Jupiter dates back to at least the Babylonian astronomers of the 7th or 8th century BC. In 1610, Galileo discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter (now known as the Galilean moons) using a telescope, which is believed to be the first telescopic observation of moons other than Earth’s.

For fun, next time you are out in the night sky, download the app called “Sky Guide.” You will be amazed at what you are looking at. The normal light in the night sky might just be a planet.

The City of Boulder posted the video on their TwitterInstagram and Facebook pages. 

Jackson Hole, WY - Home of Corbet’s Couloir

Jackson Hole, WY. Home of Corbet's Couloir and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Corbet’s was named after Jackson Hole ski instructor and mountain guide Barry Corbet who spotted the narrow crease of snow and was quoted saying, "Someday someone will ski that.”

Barry was correct, It was first skied by local ski patroller Lonnie Ball in 1967 and now has gained an international reputation from skiers around the planet as a slope to test their skill. To get to Corbet’s, one must jump in the famous Jackson Hole Tram that carries up to 100 passengers a distance of 12,463 feet and 4,139 vertical feet to the top of Rendezvous Mountain (10,450 ft).

After exiting the tram at the top of Rendezvous Mountain, skiers wanting to check out Corbet’s venture to skiers left, while others that head to skiers right can ski down Rendezvous Bowl or head out of bounds. Corbet’s has been listed as America’s scariest ski slope and noted as one of the top ski runs around the world to attempt before you die. 

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The Hummingbird Moth

A prime example of convergent evolution. Is it a bird? Is it a bug? It’s a Hyles lineata, the white-lined sphinx or hummingbird moth, is a moth of the family Sphingidae. They can be located within parts of Central America, through the United States and into Canada. This little guy was spotted in Colorado's wine country, Palisade, CO.

The resemblance to hummingbirds is an example of convergent evolution. Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar features in species of different lineages (aka this moth and a hummingbird). In popular culture, Hummingbird hawk-moths have been seen as a lucky omen.

Biking Lake Garda, Italy

This video was added to and shared on their Facebook & Twitter channels:

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, located in northern Italy, about halfway between Brescia and Verona, and between Venezia and Milano. Glaciers formed this alpine region at the end of the last Ice Age.

The majority of the biking took place in the northern section of Lake Garda. The turquoise water in the first shot and middle shot is from Lago di Ledro, which we passed on our decent from the top of Tremalzo to Torbole (we stayed in Torbole).

It felt as we were going back in time as we biked though the small towns, especially Molina di Ledro. Many locals were on their own bikes and were extremely helpful in pointing us in the right directions. 


The Largest Coffee Farm in Costa Rica

High on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano sits Costa Rica's largest coffee farm, Aquiares Coffee.

The farm devotes 80% of its land to growing high quality coffee and the remaining 20% to conservation. Coffee plots are interlaced with over a dozen natural springs and almost 13 miles of streams, all protected with buffer zones in line with their Rainforest Alliance certification.

The farm and the community are mutually connected. The farm provides services, land, security and honest jobs. In return, the coffee farm has benefited from a well-educated community and relies on highly skilled professionals from its community to continue functioning. Such a level of interdependence has helped contribute to the sense of pride that the people of Aquiares take in community and coffee.

Rocky Mountain Rough Riders Hockey Club

Video created for the Rocky Mountain Rough Riders Hockey Club based out of the Sports Stable in Superior, CO.

The clips are from a practice and a state tournament game. The Rough Riders made it to the 2017 USA Hockey National Championships after defeating the Arizona Bobcats, 3-2, in overtime.

The Magical Rainbow Mountains of Peru

Deep within the Peruvian Andes, next to the Ausangate Mountain, is home to one of the most magnificent geologic features in the world, The Magical Rainbow Mountains. While viewing the Rainbow Mountains, you are seeing millions of years of history and all the complexities that are associated with geologic weathering & erosion.

Each color within the mountain represents a mineral that is present within the soil & rock. National Geographic ranked the rainbow mountains as one of the 100 areas you must visit before you die.

Leafcutter Ants: A Farming Colony The Size of New York City

Next to humans, leafcutter ants form the largest and most complex animal society on Earth. An individual nest consists of 8-9 million individuals (the size of NYC).

Images are from a trip to Manu, which is part of the Amazon Rainforest in the country of Peru. I was mesmerized by a lot during my time there, but it is impossible to articulate the sense of awe I felt while watching the leafcutter ants work in perfect harmony.

Workers travel daily on a path up to a mile away from their nest to cut and bring back leaves over 20x their own body weight (like us carrying a car on our back).

The ants don’t eat the leaves, they are chewed up and harvested for food. The chewed up leaves turn to fungus that the colony eats and lives in.

Fun side note: If it rains or is too hot, work is stopped and they head back to the nest (like humans) until conditions are better. Wild.

The Beautiful Hanging Lake in Colorado

Located just 7 miles east of Glenwood Springs, CO lies a natural treasure by the name of Hanging Lake. The turquoise colors of the lake are produced by carbonate minerals that have dissolved in the water.

In the early 1900s, the lake served as a private family retreat. In 1912, the city of Glenwood Springs purchased Hanging Lake and 760 acres of surrounding land for $953 thanks to the Taylor Bill (which was passed by Congress in 1910). The bill allowed cities to purchase federal lands for use as city parks.

By the mid-40s, the trail had become a hot spot for travelers and tourists. Today, the lake receives over 130,000 visitors per year. Because of the high amount of traffic, the lake faces the threats of ecological disruption. Forest Service and partners are working on solutions to reduce impact and preaching hikers to "leave no trace."

Hanging Lake is located on a fault line and was formed when part of valley floor sheared off from the fault and dropped to what is now the shallow bed of the lake.

The lake is a 2.5 mile round trip hike just off of I-70. The trail follows Dead Horse Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River and ascends some 1,000 feet in elevation.

Behind the lake, is Spouting Rock, a larger waterfall that flows from a set of holes in the limestone cliffs of Dead Horse Canyon.

The Energy of Peru

A short recap video of two weeks traveling the beautiful country of Peru.

Locations visited: Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, Rainbow Mountains and the floating islands of Lake Titicaca.  A short recap video of the Rainbow Mountain adventure was created for Flashpacker Connect (view video here). 

Hasek's Heroes Fundraiser

Hasek's Heroes provides economically disadvantaged youth in Western New York the opportunity to play the game of hockey. In 2001, Dominik Hasek, winner of two Stanley cups, one Olympic Gold Medal, six Vezina Trophies, and two NHL MVP awards, established Hasek's Heroes to give back to the Buffalo community by helping children receive access to ice time, equipment, and professional instruction.

With over 900 children participating in the on-ice programs, Hasek's Heroes continues to be a unique and enriching opportunity for the youth participants in the Western New York community. In addition to offering traditional hockey development programs, Hasek's Heroes has partnered with several leading non-profit organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Western New York, Cradle Beach, King Center Charter School, and Journey's End of Western New York, to introduce more children to hockey.

The video above was filmed by Blake Dawson and edited by Penshire Media. The voice over was provided by Brian Duff of the Buffalo Sabres. Learn more and donate by clicking the button below:

The Largest Moon Since 1948

A close up video clip of tonight's supermoon, the largest since 1948. NASA noted that the next time a full moon will be this close to earth will be November 25, 2034 (in 18 years). 

It's inspiring to look at the moon and know that over 40 years ago thousands of people worked together and were able achieve an unfathomable goal of getting humans to land and walk on the moon.

It's also inspiring to look up at the sky and know that there are six countries currently working together to pilot the I.S.S. (international space station) while traveling 250 miles above the earth at 17,000+ miles per hour while conducting research for a better understanding of life on earth and for future space missions. In 2034, the next time a full moon is this close to earth, SpaceX is planning to have humans on Mars.

It's truly inspiring to see what can be achieved when humans work together. Whenever you see the moon, realize 12 people have walked on it and the next time the moon is this close to earth, there could be humans walking on Mars. Get outside, look up and know that anything is possible if we work together.