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Grind For Life and Deuce Brand

Here is a video I put together for Deuce Brand.  Deuce recently formed a partnership with Grind For Life and created a GFL branded watch, with all of the proceeds going back to Grind For Life.

About Grind For Life:

The mission of the Grind For Life organization is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. In addition, we educate and inspire these patients and families concerning cancer survival and recovery. Those who qualify may request assistance for travel and lodging expenses, meal, and personal needs. Funds for this organization will be raised by, but not limited to, hosting skateboarding events and festivals, ebay sales of donated goods, fundraiser's, Grind For life sponsors a skateboard team to perform at these events to keep the spirit of skateboarding alive.

Grind For Life's ultimate goal is to have a couple of apartments near Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, so people who are receiving treatment at the hospital can have their family near them. We want to be able to provide a comfortable place to stay, charge fees based on a sliding scale, provide support for those who are not accustomed to the city, and make a rough situation a little easier for those who travel long distances for treatment.

About Deuce Brand:

Deuce Brand has been developed by athletes who were inspired to create a brand that reflects their love for athletics and fashion. Deuce is unique because we do not handcuff ourselves to one specific style or arena of athletics. We manufacture and design products that are individually created to have that wow factor, but also help athletes perform at the highest level! The latest trends, great comfort and exceptional quality is what sets Deuce Brand apart from the competition. It is important to feel your best on and off the playing ground.