Instagram Video Edits

Time is of the essence.  Constantly bombarded by digital communications such as work emails, personal emails, text messages, Facebook posts, Tweets, Snap Chats, Instagrams and phone calls we have limited time throughout the day to dive deep into each digital notification.

More companies & brands are starting to post "mini-trailers" on Instagram, Vine or Facebook that are only a few seconds long instead of a few minutes long.  The goal is to engage those "would be viewers" that do not have time to watch a full 3 minute long trailer, but may have 15 seconds to spare.  Below are three short edits I have created for Instagram.  

Starting from Left to Right: 1). Promo for Run Boston Run Video 2). Voting Promo for Holiday Valley Ski Resort 3). Promo for Jackson Hole Dreaming Ski Edit

Two Years of Instagram

I recently passed the two year mark on Instagram - here are a few of my favorite images.   See the whole feed here.