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Red Bull Round Up 2013

2013 was a record setting year for Red Bull, Red Bull Media House, and Red Bull Athletes around the world. This video is a tribute to their success in 2013 and a cheers to what 2014 will bring.  

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Video edited by Penshire Media.  

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The Power Of Twitter & The Global Brand of Red Bull

Red Bull promoted a video I created, titled "Red Bull Round Up: 2012 - A Year to Remember." It was obviously a huge honor to have Red Bull promote the video, but what I found most interesting is where people were watching the video. Thanks to Vimeo's video analytics program, I was able to see every country the video was viewed in.

Within one month (as of 2-1-13) the video has been watched in 105 countries around the globe.



This statistic speaks volumes for the power of Twitter, and the fact that Red Bull has truly become a global brand. A snapshot of the analytics for the video can seen below:

The Power of Twitter and the Brand of Red Bull

The Power of Twitter and the Brand of Red Bull

The full country list, sorted by views, is below (as of Feb. 1st 2013).  Some of the countries at the bottom of the list are pretty surprising.  Shout out to whoever watched the video in Zimbabwe!

Rank - Country  1. United States 2. Italy 3. South Korea 4. Turkey 5. United Kingdom 6. Spain 7. Canada 8. France 9. Germany 10. Mexico 11. Australia 12. Netherlands 13. Sweden 14. Japan 15. Austria 16. Colombia 17. Bahrain 18. Russia 19. Brazil 20. Argentina 21. Switzerland 22. Venezuela 23. Norway 24. Poland 25. Portugal 26. Ireland 27. Ukraine 28. Lebanon 29. Belgium 30. Latvia 31. United Arab Emirates 32. Chile 33. Czech Republic 34. Egypt 35. Denmark 36. New Zealand 37. South Africa 38. Finland 39. Saudi Arabia 40. Thailand 41. Indonesia 42. Slovenia 43. Greece 44. Taiwan 45. Ecuador 46. Jordan 47. Oman 48. Uruguay 49. India 50. Croatia 51. Serbia 52. Malaysia 53. Dominican Republic 54. Romania 55. Belarus 56. Israel 57. Bulgaria 58. Singapore 59. Guatemala 60. Peru 61. Moldova 62. French Polynesia 63. Reunion 64. Luxembourg 65. Pakistan 66. Philippines 67. Costa Rica 68. El Salvador 69. Qatar 70. Kuwait 71. Slovakia 72. Estonia 73. Lithuania 74. China 75. Northern Mariana Islands 76. Hungary 77. Bolivia 78. Tunisia 79. Kenya 80. Morocco 81. Vietnam 82. Trinidad and Tobago 83. Nepal 84. Albania 85. Paraguay 86. Puerto Rico 87. Bosnia and Herzegovina 88. Sri Lanka 89. San Marino 90. Bahamas 91. Algeria 92. Mauritius 93. Hong Kong SAR China 94. Panama 95. Georgia 96. Iraq 97. Cambodia 98. Jersey 99. Afghanistan 100. Cayman Islands 101. Azerbaijan 102. Zimbabwe 103. Senegal 104. Brunei 105. Honduras

Red Bull Roundup: 2012 - A Year to Remember

2012 was a record setting year for Red Bull, Red Bull Media House, and Red Bull Athletes around the world. This video is a tribute to their success in 2012. Red Bull posted the video and tweeted it to their 850,000+ followers:

The song in the video is called "Intro" by M83 off of their album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming".

All clips are from 2012 Red Bull Events or Red Bull Media House Productions.

X Games Pictures: 2010

The X Games never disappoint. Every year each athlete lays it on the line to progress their respective sport. This year I took some photographs ofX Games 16 on Thursday.  Thursday's events included Moto X Freestyle, Skateboard Street, Super X Adaptive, Super X (men & women), and Skateboard Big Air. Thursday's X Games events took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the Event Deck at L.A. Live (across from the Staples center).  Take a look below, and check out my picture documentary of the 2009 X Games.

Some of the athletes that participated in this years X Games include Ashley Fiolek, Andy Macdonald, Travis Pastrana, Nate Adams, Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Ryan Sheckler, Shaun White, Robbie Maddison: check out the full list of invited athletes here.

1. A picture of the Super X start at the L.A. Coliseum.

2. Travis Pastrana salutes the crowd after he lands his double back flip.  Watch it here.

3.  Nate Adams gives a fist pump to the crowd after his final run.

4. Jake Brown launches off of the mega ramp.  Jake won gold in Skateboard Big Air, which is his second gold in as many years.  Remember the biggest fall in skateboarding history?

5.  Freestyle Moto X semi finals.

6. Adam Jones taking a turn during one of his runs.

7.  Bob Burnquist gets some air on the mega ramp.

8. Bob Burnquist salutes the crowd after a great run.

8. Robbie Maddison launches off of a ramp during FMX semi final rounds.

9.  Maddo is attended to after a crash.  The crash took him out of FMX but he finished second in MX Best Trick a day later.

10. A look down the street at X Fest.

11. Live music at X Fest.

12.  Fans at the VIP section taking a look at the Skateboard big air finals.

13. A look at the mega ramp.

14. A few skateboarders taking a cart up to the top of the mega ramp.

15. Jake Brown getting ready to dive in.

16.  Jake taking a break after a fall during practice.

17. Ashley Fiolek on her way to a gold medal in Womens Super X.

18.  The start of Mens Super X.

19.  Travis Pastrana taking a victory lap.

20.  Skateboard street at L.A. Event Deck.

21. Pastrana was one of the only riders to make use of the wall in the middle of the FMX course.

22. Pastrana talking to the ground crew before one of his runs.

23. Ryan Sheckler after a run at Skateboard Street.

24. Sal Masekela looking over his notes before going on live TV.

25. Adam Jones adjusts his handlebars before hitting the ramp.

26. Unreal.

27. A FMX rider salutes the crowd.

28. Travis Pastrana entering the course.

29.  The Cat out preparing the course before FMX.

30. Ryan Sheckler during one of his runs to a gold medal.

31. A few of the skaters getting ready for Skateboard Street Finals.

32. A view of the L.A. Coliseum during sunset.

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Here is a full report of all of the 2010 X Games Results.