The Largest Moon Since 1948

A close up video clip of tonight's supermoon, the largest since 1948. NASA noted that the next time a full moon will be this close to earth will be November 25, 2034 (in 18 years). 

It's inspiring to look at the moon and know that over 40 years ago thousands of people worked together and were able achieve an unfathomable goal of getting humans to land and walk on the moon.

It's also inspiring to look up at the sky and know that there are six countries currently working together to pilot the I.S.S. (international space station) while traveling 250 miles above the earth at 17,000+ miles per hour while conducting research for a better understanding of life on earth and for future space missions. In 2034, the next time a full moon is this close to earth, SpaceX is planning to have humans on Mars.

It's truly inspiring to see what can be achieved when humans work together. Whenever you see the moon, realize 12 people have walked on it and the next time the moon is this close to earth, there could be humans walking on Mars. Get outside, look up and know that anything is possible if we work together.