Concept: Get 5 to 10 very unique stories on why people love to ski. There are many similarities on why people ski, but there are also so many unique differences on why they love to ski, how they got started, what their favorite mountain is, how they feel when they ski, who they ski with, etc.

The stories should show completely different backgrounds, ages, personal and professional lives, with one similar concept, their love for skiing and nature.  It is a change from the current ski movies that are made of professional athletes being dropped off from helicopters all over the world.  This will be the ski movie for the 99% of people who ski. 


  • 5 - 10 separate 1 minute micro-documentary videos.
  • Final documentary will blend all stories into a short documentary (20 - 40 minute short film) that could be shared on web & at the ski resorts the videos were filmed.

Timeline (main concepts, dates are TBD):

These are loose notes, we can determine how big or small we would like to take this.  For example, we can extend to all Powdr resorts, or just keep it local with Copper Mountain as a phase 1. 

  1. Create social media campaign asking people "why do you ski?" We can tell them to leave their comments below or to email a particular address and 5-10 people will be selected to be filmed. It will encourage people to share brief thoughts and stories.  We can reach out to anyone that has an interesting story for more information.  Going forward we can tell individuals to tag their social media posts #whyweski to share their story. 
  2. Filming (one day at resort, one day away from resort).
  3. Edit short 1 minute micro-documentary video while editing the full film.
  4. Share micro docs on social media and encourage people to tag #whyweski when they ski to share their story.  This will act as a build up for the full documentary.
  5. (Optional) Full documentary screening at bar / restaurant at relevant ski resort.
  6. Full documentary shared online and encourage people to continue to tag #whyweski.  This is a campaign that could be created yearly. 

Example micro doc:

The video to the right is an brief example of how the micro doc can work.  This was shot in one day for fun, but and the narration was added to show an example voice over.  

I feel it can be expanded on with filming the subject in their personal life (for example we could show this guy working in front of a computer) and mix in additional questions and film clips to tell more of his story.

This video without the narration was shared by Outside TV and selected as a TGR Staff Pick

Branding Opportunity:

  • Obtain sponsorships from brands who want to promote to the 99% of the skiing community, or keep within Powdr (or both).

Thank you for your time!

Please contact me if there is any interest in this project, or a similar one.  I am happy to collaborate and work with others, or take the lead.  As you can most likely tell, I extremely passionate about digital media and the outdoors.  To learn more about me and my past work experiences please view my resume here

Best Regards,

Scott Goergen

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