Natural Habitat Adventures Proposal


  • One 8-10 minute long documentary video
  • One 3-4 minute long promotional video 
  • Two 30 second promotional videos 
  • Two 15 second promotional videos
  • All raw footage
  • Note: All videos will be formatted so they can be uploaded directly to or any social media websites (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, etc)


  • Natural Habitat Adventures will cover the cost of a trip package

Penshire Media Demo Reel

Below are selected clips from projects during 2014 & 2015. For best quality click the HD on the bottom right of the video player, select 1080 and allow the video to completely load.  For faster loading time, select a lower quality.

About Penshire Media / Scott Goergen


9+ years helping brands, non-profits and professional athletes tell their story, increase engagement and generate revenue on the web.   

Work Highlights

Snapshot of the 143 countries that have viewed my work (via

Snapshot of the 143 countries that have viewed my work (via

  • Co-Founder of - helped create and grow online textbook company to $85 million GMS (2015)
  • Created videos that have generated over 225,000 views in 143 countries around the world
  • Created video content for Red Bull, Outside Television, the National Hockey League, Chicago Blackhawks
  • Manage website for NHL All Star Duncan Keith: 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist and 3 Time Stanley Cup Champion

Video Highlights

Instagram Highlights

Why work with Natural Habitat Adventures?

The mission of Natural Habitat Adventures is much larger than any travel agency.  The fact that Natural Habitat Adventures has partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature and is also the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company shows that Natural Habitat Adventures is part of a bigger picture.  This mission of sustainable travel and environmental education & protection is something I would love to contribute to. I feel that my thirst for adventure and experience with internet marketing, digital media and driving awareness to a cause would be a perfect fit for Natural Habitat Adventures. 

Short Term

I would like to propose the extremely low risk idea that I contribute one 8-10 minute long documentary, one 3-4 minute promotional video, two 30 second long promotional videos and two 15 second long promotional videos in exchange for a core package to be paid for.  If desired, Natural Habitat Adventures will give guidance as to what content they want captured.  I would love to collaborate with Natural Habitat Adventures to make sure that the video content achieves particular goals that are consistent with Natural Habitat Adventures core mission. 

Long Term

If there is good interaction with the 6 deliverables above, we could explore the option of creating more digital content for each trip package. We could also best practices and framework for guides and travelers to submit their photos and videos to Natural Habitat Adventures and crowdsource the content from within. The content could be used immediately for real time sharing on social media or catalogued and organized to be used for a later date.

Additionally, Natural Habitat Adventures could invite digital content creators (with a very large following on social media or exceptionally talented creators) to various trips.  In exchange, the digital content creators would develop content and promote Natural Habitat Adventures to their following and hand over any digital content. This would help build a digital content library at an exceptionally low cost and expand the reach of the brand.  

This unique content would help spread the Natural Habitat Adventures mission and lead to:

  • Increased brand awareness and interaction on social media
  • Increased website content to improve inbound links & organic search rankings
  • Increased tour sign ups
  • Ability to license unique content to media agencies
  • Ability to utilize content to develop educational material (that could be licensed to schools / online courses or distributed at no cost for further brand development)
  • Raise funds and awareness to WWF


As Natural Habitat Adventures grows its brand and mission, viewers will be inspired to protect our natural world and join Natural Habitat Adventures on a trip of a lifetime.


Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime at References are available upon request. Social links are listed below: