Boston Marathon Content

Below is additional content that can be used by B.A.A. and the Boston Marathon.  All video footage was shot and edited by Scott Goergen in 2014 or 2015. For best playback, click "HD" on the bottom right of each video and select "1080." 

To download the videos just click the "Download From Dropbox" button on the left of the relevant video. I also include additional ideas for B.A.A. and the Boston Marathon below.  

15 second edit for Instagram

30 second edit for Facebook and Twitter

Full edit created for Facebook / YouTube / Vimeo



  1. Allow B.A.A. and Boston Marathon to use video footage above (for free) on their social media platforms in exchange for giving Scott Goergen credit. 
  2. Help B.A.A. and Boston Marathon develop unique and engaging content to promote and increase awareness about the marathon. This could be new footage or going though archived footage. 
  3. Develop short documentary series "Why Run Boston" which gives an inside look into why particular individuals are training for and running the marathon.  I have found that everyone running has a unique reason or cause that is calling them to run it.  I feel these stories could be very interesting to the public, especially if they are done well and limited to 2-5 minutes for each persons segment.  These videos could then be compiled together to make a 30 minute or 60 minute documentary on why people run Boston and the power behind the worlds greatest race. 

Social Media

  1. It should be noted that thousands of runners all over the world are posting to twitter, instagram and facebook with the tags #boston2016, #bostonmarathon and #bostonmarathon2016.  A unique hashtag could be created that would allow Boston Marathon to use the photos or videos in a user mashup video.  Additionally we could reach out to users to post training videos on youtube.  
    • Facebook Stats
      • #bostonmarathon2016 = 91,713 posts
      • #boston2016 = 91,880 posts
    • Instagram Stats
    • Twitter Stats
      • #bostonmarathon2016 
      • #boston2016
      • #bostonmarathon
    • Target
      • Large social media accounts
      • People running all over the world with big followings
      • Large companies that would enjoy co-marketing 

Additional Data

Top marathons around the world (stats for 2014 races)

  1. NYC - 50k
  2. Chicago - 40k 
  3. Paris - 38k 
  4. London - 35k 
  5. Tokyo - 34k 
  6. Boston - 31k
  7. Berlin - 28k
  8. Osaka - 28k
  9. Honolulu - 21k
  10. LA - 21k

I am open to any ideas that the B.A.A. and Boston Marathon team feel that I can assist with.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.  A little background on my work is listed below:


9+ years helping brands, non-profits and professional athletes tell their story, increase engagement and generate revenue on the web.

  • Co-Founder of - helped create and grow online textbook company to $85 million GMS (2015)
  • Created videos that have generated over 225,000 views in 143 countries around the world
  • Created video content for Red Bull, Outside Television, the National Hockey League, Chicago Blackhawks
  • Manage website for NHL All Star Duncan Keith: 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist and 3 Time Stanley Cup Champion



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